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Welcome to Little Vegan Boutique!

We are a family run baby boutique based in Wiltshire in the UK. We only stock vegan friendly items, so you can shop without having to check materials or ingredients! At Little Vegan Boutique we have a fun selection of vegan kids shoes, organic vegan kids clothes, cloth nappies, vegan fairtrade chocolate, and more. 

Among the products that you will find here are barefoot friendly shoes which we believe are the best shoes for the natural development of feet. Barefoot friendly shoes have flat, flexible soles and wide toe boxes. This mimics barefoot walking.

Here in our shop you will also find organic clothing. We love organic clothing because no nasty chemicals are used in the growing of the cotton. This is better for the environment and makes for super soft clothes, great for young skin. 

Have you ever tried cloth nappies? They are easier to use than you think and using even one cloth nappy a day will save 365 disposable nappies from ending up in landfill! Not to mention cloth nappies come in an endless variety of colourful and fun patterns. Have a look at our cloth nappy selection here.

We hand select each of the brands that we sell here at Little Vegan Boutique and invite you to have a look at them here.

Thank you for coming to our website and we hope you will enjoy looking around!

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions :) 

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